Waters Legal, LLC

Taylor Waters,

Attorney at Law

Areas of Practice

Animal-Related Family Law


Custody of companion animals, companion animal trusts, domestic violence issues, etc.

Companion Animal Issues


Including confinement problems, dog profiling concerns, killings caused by others, etc.

Veterinary Malpractice


Including the Emotional distress from the loss of a companion animal. 

Animal Exploitation


Issues related to puppy mills, livestock concerns, exotic animal concerns, etc.

Animal Rescue Law


Adoption agreements, abandoned animals, confinement problems, hoarding issues, rescuers, unlawful conduct by government agencies, etc.

Endangered Species 


Endangered species protection, fish and wildlife regulations, wildlife issues, wolf-hybrids, and issues related to formerly extinct species.


About Us

This firm is established to promote the welfare and rights of animals within the Ohio legal system. 


The principal attorney, Taylor Waters, has devoted her legal career to the advancement of animals through the justice system. She is the recipient of Michigan's Wanda Nash Award for Animal Law and Ohio State's Environmental Law Award for her Note on the de-extinction of passenger pigeons. She previously worked as a litigation clerk for the Animal Legal Defense Fund where she worked on puppy mill cases, slaughterhouse worker rights, a lawsuit against Sea World, and roadside zoo cases. 


She currently resides in Columbus, Ohio with her daughter Norah, husband Jesse, Dogs Bettie and Radar, and three fiendish cats.


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